Our suppliers

Our suppliers and ingredients at a glance:
All meat is freshly delivered from Choithrams, only low fat quality New Zealand or Australian meat is selected. Fish is delivered fresh to Choithrams, caught the previous night. To the greatest extent feasible, environmental sustainable species are selected. Salmontini is our supplier of salmon products. Our meat, chicken and fish is always fresh, never defrosted. Fresh vegetables are as far as possible grown locally at Go Organic Farms.
Due to the climate, vegetables are also provided from abroad to ensure variety throughout the seasons. High quality authentic Italian pasta is selected from Made in Italia and we source our organic free range eggs from The Farm House. Dairy products are all fresh and natural, no long life or low fat options are used, avoiding any additives or modified substances that are unfamiliar to our body.
Instead we use less or dilute the natural dairy product with water or milk to reduce the fat content. For a thicker consistency, some form of natural starch is used in the recipes. For our gluten-free boxes, we source our marvellous gluten-free bread from the Gluten-Free Supermarket. We focus on fresh foods, but the odd spices are provided in the box as well as other products that flavor your food, such as stock cubes, capers, mango chutney, sundried tomatoes and tomato puree to name a few. Also most carbohydrates are supplied such as pasta, couscous or bulgur, or fresh produce such as potatoes.
Our focus when choosing products is quality, so only well known brands are used, keeping clear of coloring agents and other additives here as well. Every box includes most ingredients, but there are a few ingredients you need to have at home before you start cooking and these are listed in advance via email. For example basic spices, salt, pepper, cooking oil, olive oil, vinegar and rice.
February 2015: Introducing Al Rawdah Chicken
If there is any topic that can get a bunch of moms talking (or clucking) in the UAE, it is the subject of which chicken to buy. Chicken is always a hot topic because it a staple in many families diets. It is protein packed and full of amino acids essential to good health. It is also low in saturated fat and a great source of selenium, a trace element that is linked to helping humans fight cancer as well as other degenerative diseases.
Chicken is also high in important B vitamins that have positive effects on cholesterol levels, insulin levels as well as your immune system, metabolism and central nervous system. Most importantly, for busy cooks, it is fast and easy to prepare and has unlimited versatility as it can be used and adapted for almost any recipe. 
There is minimal nutritional labeling, beyond the halal label. DinnerTime is excited to announce that we are now providing local chicken that is produced in ethical conditions and without the use of harmful practices. We all know that eating local food is better for you for many reasons including freshness and increased health benefits. Living in a harsh climate such as the UAE, growing conditions are difficult and the expanding populations have gone far beyond the traditional foods of camel products and dates. Approximately 90% of food in the UAE is imported which has a huge environmental impact.
DinnerTime is committed to providing the highest quality ingredients possible and having partnerships with local companies that are providing organic or fresh food products. It is very important to us to deliver food that is GMO free and produced without dangerous additives. This mission is the catalyst behind the decision to change chicken suppliers to Al Rawdah Farms despite their chicken being slightly more expensive than other brands. We are both excited and proud to now have a partnership with a local chicken supplier. Using local providers is a way to both support local initiatives to create better food options in the UAE and to provide our customers with fresher and healthier chicken.
Al Rawdah Farms has been in existence for 20 years in the UAE and maintains a safe, healthy and ethical environment. They mill their own non-GMO grain, distill, retreat and reuse their own water and produce chickens without the use of hormones or antibiotics. They also provide their chickens with a comfortable home, free from the use of cages or pens. Their head of food service maintains "a chicken is not just a chicken, it is the product of all of these farm factors, and you can taste the difference in Al Rawdah chickens". As the poultry provider for both the Jumeriah Group and Wafi Gourmet (and also many other UAE VIPs) it is obvious that their reputation is both earned and deserved. We hope that you enjoy the fresh chicken now provided in your box and that you can taste the difference as well as feel better about using more fresh and local ingredients, a concept DinnerTime is committed to passing on to our customers.