How It Works

Step 1.
We create a well-balanced menu for you and your family
Covering a broad range of food groups we help you to provide a well-balanced menu for you and your family. Each menu and recipe is test cooked by one of our chefs/nutritionists and tasted by our test panel before approval. Choose between the Standard box, Gluten Free, Paleo or Vegetarian box.
Step 2.
Simply order online on our website and web shop. It’s incredibly quick and easy!
Step 3.
Groceries + Recipes delivered to your doorstep.
Every Sunday you will receive a new box of all the ingredients you need to cook 4 meals, saving you all the time and hassle with going to the supermarket. All our recipes contain only fresh ingredients, including lots of vegetables. These are carefully chosen and of the highest quality, with focus on organic and locally grown vegetables.
Step 4.
You Cook a fun, healthy and tasty meal.
You will discover new foods full of flavourful surprises. Each recipe takes approximately 30 minutes to prepare and cook, giving you easy access to healthy everyday meals that will become your favourites. Get the whole family involved and discover how fun it is to cook!
Step 5.
Enjoy the home cooked meal!
It is home cooking made really easy. You will discover new foods, enjoy the cooking without the hassle and most importantly enjoy the rewards of a home cooked meal. Simply serve with love!