Here are some of the questions that we regularly get asked. If there is anything else that you would like to ask us though, please do just drop us an email or call us and we’ll happily answer.
To what areas do you deliver?
So far, we focus on the Dubai and Abu Dhabi markets. We deliver to most areas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi on Sundays.
Can I choose what recipes I want?
Each week’s menus are set and consist of recipes and ingredients to cook 4 meals. You can choose between our standard, paleo and vegetarian menu. We present next week’s menus in advance, and you can choose if you want it or not. You can either subscribe to have our deliveries every week, or choose to try our service for one single week. We also have a gluten free option (the menu is the same as for our standard dinner pack, but we have replaced the ingredients with top quality gluten free alternatives. Our gluten free bread is fantastic!
How and when do I have to order?
Order on our web shop latest on Thursday to have your delivery on the following Sunday.
What type of food do I get?
Each weekly menu includes four different dishes. Our standard menu includes one meat dish, one chicken, one fish and one vegetarian or pasta dish. All our menus are well balanced and contain lots of vegetables. We focus on international, family friendly cuisine.
How complicated are the recipes?
The recipes are easy to follow and do generally not take more than 30 minutes to cook. Our aim is to make it easy, fun and quick for you to get your own home cooked dinner on the table. But if you are ever stuck and do not understand the recipe or instructions, you can simply give us a call and we will help you out.
Can I skip weeks if I subscribe?
Yes, you can skip any weeks you wish. Simply log in to your account on our web page and you can cancel any order up until three days before delivery (Thursday).
How do I pay?
You can choose if you wish to pay by debit/credit card in our web shop, or cash on delivery.